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Show both fields in a Drop-Down List

Question asked by ziceg on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by digital-carpentry

It's got to be something really simple I'm missing... I have a table that has a few fields (Part, Description) This info is then converted into a value list (Kit List) so I can use with another table (Table A).


In the other table /layout (Table A) I have a field (Kit) that looks for the Kit value from a dropdown list (Kit List). I did ask it to display both values from field one and field two. So far so good.


My issue is that of course when you choose the item in my table/layout it will show you both fields but only end up recording and showing the value from first field, whilst I would like both items to be shown once you've done the choosing from the value list.


As per image attached the end result is that the field Kit will end up showing only 000 as opposed to 000 0_Components only even though I can see both when selecting from Value List.


Any help would be appreciated.


(I'm using Filemaker 11)