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    MYOB and FileMaker


      Hi. I'm developing a FileMaker solution inhouse for a small company that uses MYOB. Is there a FileMaker plugin (or anything else ) that would allow data to pass between FileMaker and MYOB?

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          I believe MYOB ( AccountEdge ) has an ODBC capability.  You probably won't be able to use ESS, but you could probably Import/Export via ODBC.  It would be somewhat tricky ( figuring out how to handle possible deletes, etc)...but should be possible.

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            MYOB (Windows only) supports ODBC which allows the data tables to be read and with a developer key there are a series of write tables that emulate the import function.


            Overall process is not particularly friendly.


            In a Mac Environment you can use Applescript, though there is very little support for it from MYOB.


            You cannot use ESS. This may change for the Australian version, in short term this is unlikely in the US.




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              Thank you Joshua and Matt. It sounds like ODBC is a possibility at least. The MYOB system we use is Account Right Premier on Windows (an old Vista machine), but my own platform of preference is Mac. If I can read MYOB's data tables via ODBC it would be a start; then if it looks promising we could try writing to MYOB. I think the developer licence is around $700 a year.

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                Dear John


                I am not sure if this is any help but I have an app that interfaces with MYOB.  It is not that smart but it is a practical solution.  MYOB has facility to export data to Excel.  I take the Excel files and write an import script to the FMP12 application.  It is quick and efficient and does not require a developer licence from MYOB.  Users are quite used to "send to Excel" from MYOB.  They then point to the Excel file from their FMP app.  Not elegant but it works.



                Sue Saunders

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                  I've created a routine to export data out of FM for two customers into MYOB on the Mac side I imagine the Windows side is similar. Their versions of MYOB use a "blank row" as a delimeter between records which is a real pain but I got it to work. I know of no way to "pull" data out of MYOB into FileMaker export for an export/import. If your client really wants tight integration between FM and an accounting program is your best is QuickBooks on the PC of course the only other package that I know of that expressly works wth FM is MoneyWorks which you can find here http://cognito.co.nz/. MYOB just doesn't play that well with others unfortunately.

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                    Hi Sue,


                    thank you for responding. You've built a FileMaker app that's tailored to import specific data from MYOB's Excel exports? So the user just selects the right file and the app does the rest? It sounds like a very practical solution indeed.


                    I'm hoping eventually to have a two-way flow of data between FM and MYOB … depending on the learning curve and whether I fall off it . MYOB may have accounting smarts but it's hopeless as a database. Also, I suspect its built-in export function doesn't give access to all the data MYOB contains.


                    I'll keep investigating MYOB export though, because it's certainly a reliable way to get some info out of MYOB and into something more useful (ie FileMaker )





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                      Hi Lemmtech,


                      thanks for the reply. I'd love to know more about how you got data into MYOB from FileMaker. It sounds like you got at the underlying file structure of MYOB so that you can work with individual records. Did you use ODBC, or did you manage to sidestep that whole issue?


                      Sadly, the company I work for had their accounts in QuickBooks but changed everything over to MYOB because someone told them it was better. Sigh!





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                        Hi John


                        I have imported from FM to MYOB as well.  Again not elegant but easy really.  The key is to use Excel as a go between. 


                        Step 1 - Export from FM to Excel.

                        Step 2 - Save Excel data (after you check that it is consistent and accurate) as Tab Delimited text file.

                        Step 3 - Go to MYOB File>Import>Select from list and follow the prompts.  MYOB has many data sets that it allows to be imported.  Choose the one that is appropriate. 

                        Step 4 - MYOB asks which fields you want to import.  You need to map your text file data to the MYOB field names. 

                        Step 5 - Import.


                        Be prepared to do a bit of trial and error but it is quite painless really.


                        Exporting out of MYOB again is done via Excel if you want report data.  If you want other data you select from the data sets that MYOB allows to be exported.  If you use that system, MYOB generate a tab delimited text file.  You then import that into Excel.  The import from Excel to FM.  Easy?

                        But it does work.  Not elegant as I have said before but you get the data from one to the other.


                        Good luck with it.

                        Best regards


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                          Would this be a good candidate for the Reccuring Export function introduced in FileMaker 11?

                          I haven't used it specifically, but it should refresh the data any time a user opens the system, or navigates to a particular layout.

                          As long as the exports are in a defined place.

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                            i side stepped the whole odbc issue and just created properly fotmatted text files i did mot use sue's technique of using excel as middleware between the two. as a said my experience with myob was that the text files needed a special order fot the data at least for the invoice records. if importing it depends what data you are importing (vendors, products, invoices etc...) as to how the file mat need to be constructed. there are many issues beyond just getting the data out of fm if you wish to integrate with an accountig system. i create a batch log process to rstablish an audit trail between both systems and other things to increase the integrity of the data transfer. if you have done a lot of accounting integretion then you probably know all this stuff if you haven't you .can contact me directly at markl@lemmtech.com. good luck!

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                              You have to options to get data into MYOB.


                              Correctly format the export file. Use an export from MYOB as a guideline. You need to match all field headers. Using the .mer option which creates a cvs file with headers is the best option in FM create an export scratch table that you can populate, use an export from MYOB to do this.


                              ODBC importing is quite possible. You will need a developer key to do this, at least with the Australian version. MYOB is a little tricky here with a number of un published limitations on data sizes and a few setting issues. Note PC only. There is now Mac ODBC. Suggest you use simpler first option unless your client is insistent.


                              ODBC import into FM is pretty straightforward you cannot use ESS as MYOB is built on a ve old flat fie structure.



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                                Yes Matt is absolutely correct as I followed the same process. Exporting as merge files so you have field headers and importing and exporting out of a scratch table to get the formatting to be what you need to be compatible with MYOB. Also keep in mind that Company Names, Account numbers and other "key" fields in MYOB need to match the data coming from FileMaker or it will error out on the import process. There are a lot of details to get the data to be accepted by MYOB properly and a such I only do accounting integration for customers that I think have the skilled people to run the process and work with me to make sure the integreation is working properly.

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                                  Hi Sue,


                                  this is really great news It gives me a path to investigate before I have to try the ODBC route - and maybe I won't have to go that way at all, if I can get what I need into and out of MYOB without it.


                                  Thanks for stepping out the process for me. I really appreciate your help.





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                                    Hi Jerry,


                                    Recurring Import is one of the many, many things I didn't know about in FileMaker and have never tried. Thanks for the heads up. I looked up the function in FM help (couldn't find Recurring Export but did find Recurring Import) and it does look very promising indeed for regular or automatic updates in FileMaker, if I can get the data out of MYOB into a text file or, as Sue uses, an Excel file.


                                    I'm starting to form a picture of how this could work without ever having to use ODBC, which would be great for me


                                    Thank you so much.





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