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    Event Management Starter Solution questions


      I am using the Event Management starter solution as my statring point for a traking piece and I can get this one part to work, any help would be much appreciated:


      When a contact is added as guest to an event, how do I get the status to show to show on that persons contact details, I have tried to add a new relationship, no matter what I do, nothing seems to work. I just want the events that a contact is attending as a guest to show up on that contact's detail screen.


      It must have something to with the contributors already being related to both contacts and events, but I just can't wrap my head around it.



      Any ideas, am I missing something really simple?

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          I've attached 2 screenshots showing what I would add to Contact Table/Layout - no addtlt. relationships necessary:


          1. Field Example - shows calculated Fields to add: Guest_Status, Guest_Event. Notice that the Evaluate from Context pull-down below shows 'Guests | Contacts'

          Field Example.png


          2. Layout Example  - look for green fields on top of layout. In the example below, Mark Francis has been added as Guest to 2 Events  - and only the 2nd one shows.


          Layout Example.png


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            That is great, but how do I get all the Events that Mark is a guest to show on his Record. 

            Notice when I add a portal to show, the contriburs shows up correctly but the guest either does not show, or shows a record for all guests. When Cythia is added a guest she does not show up for that event, but all the guest show up correctly on the events screen.event.png


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              The PORTAL approach will not work from that Layout - becasue that Layout is based on 'Contact'. If the Layout was based on 'Guest | Contact', then the portal will work. However, you can still use simple Calculation fields to diaplay that list of Event Statuses (and Event Names) a Contact has been added as Guest to.


              Where my origial formula used: Last ( Table::FieldName ), change it to List ( Table::FieldName ) and you will see a LIST of all those related fields - the statuses won't be much use unless you also list the Event Name next to them as well.  Let me know how that works, b/c there is always another way - actually about 3 more ways.


              Keep in mind this will only list the EVENTS+STATUSES for one CONTACT RECORD being browsed. If you want to see ALL Events, for ALL Contacts, from ANY Contact Record (your photo implies that?), you would need an entirely diff. approach.





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                     That does indeed give me what I want, thanks!   I am sorry the screen shots were mis-leading,  I did not want all the events showing on every record, just the events that that contact was the guest for.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to show that event when that client clicks on it.  GTRR will not do it, I will have to capture the event ID I think.


                Thanks again,