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    Scrolling list (table content) in a field


      Hello folks !


      I'm testing the new FM12 release and the behavior in IWP is the same than with FM11 with scrolling lists. When you use IWP, if some fields use scrolling lists with table values (i.e. the company list for a contact) the use of the search mode is impossible. The delay before having a response from the server is so long that you abort your session (a little more than 1 mn for accessing any field in the layout) ! In my example there are 5000 company records. When you set the field to "Editing field", everything is ok.

      Has anybody managed this behavior ? Or does anyone have a soluce ?


      Thank you all and have a good time

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          Stephen Huston

          Keep in mind that the scrolable lists in Find Mode must be built from the index, and to do that FM has to build that list and send it across the network to the local amchine before it can display.


          And IWP is ALWAYS a WAN connection, so it's going to be very slow compared to FMPro on a LAN.


          Be sure the field being used as the source of the value list is Indexed. That won't make the WAN problem go away, but it will keep it from getting worse. You may also find that this list appears faster when accessed after the first time in a session. However, in IWP, your application is a browser, and I don't even know how or if that list will be cached for IWP as it is in FMPro. In FMPro, subsequent calls of the same value list in the same session are generally quite fast, much better than the first call, when the caching is triggered.

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            Thank you Stephen, and sorry for my late response...

            Effectively, the first access is slower than the next ones with the same index. Do you think it's possible to tell the server to "prepare" the list with a server side script ? If yes, do you know how to do it ,

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              Stephen Huston

              An untested idea: You could try creating a calculation field which returns the content of that spcific Value List using the function

              • ValueListItems ( fileName ; valueList )

              That should force the VL to generate in the background if you place this field (unenterable in any window mode) somewhere in a hidden corner of the layout sized to 1 px X 1 px.


              Since the VL content would have to cache for this field to be visible, it may not have to cache again when first entered.


              Sorry about this being untested, but, if it works, please let us know.

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                Are you referring to searching in a PORTAL in Find Mode in IWP?  Or just a list view of the current table?


                Searching across the related records is going to be somewhat slow in IWP.  FM is doing a lot if you want to find all the records in this table that have a related record in this other table with the same search criteria.  I would almost think that searching in the related table directly, then using the Go To Related Record script step to go back to the main table might be faster.

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                  Again, sorry for my late response but I was quiet buzy ...

                  I forget the use of IWP which is to much work for the interface. I'm now trying to get better response times for sorts of the database in WAN mode (iPhone, iPad and Pro). Did you make tests to determine what is the most important point (server side) to get the fastest data serving ?


                  Thank you again for your time.

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                    Thank you Joshua,


                    You're right, it always goes faster when you do like you says.

                    The FM response is very fast when using the Web Publishing Engine and very much slowler when using FM clients. At this time, I'm trying to "pre" sort some tables by server sides scripts when using FM clients.