Importing script into file changes data import step

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on May 3, 2012
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This is more of an FYI. I had to import a script into a file. The script has a number of import record steps. All of the import record steps were set to Arrange by "Matching names". When I ran the script the first time in the new file, the data ended up in the wrong fields. In checking the Import record script steps the Arrange by field on the import step had changed to "Last order". Going through all of the Record import steps and updating this resolved the issue.


I tried doing the import by copying the script steps in the development file and pasting them into a blank script in the destination file. This method also resulted in the Arrange by field switching from "Matching names" to "Last order"


So in short if you have to bring a script from file to another and it has import record steps, verify that they are set correctly. I love that FileMaker now retains the "Matching names" on import steps. It garrentees that data is in the right field. Having the setting change when you add the script to a file is bit disconcerting. In this case the last order it selected put the data in the wrong fields. Fortunatly it was a test run, the data set was small and it didn't cause a major issue. However if I had not done the test and found this, it would have been a major issue for the client.