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    IPaddress  by plugin for IWP




      Is there a plugin that can obtain the public IPaddres from a browser during a login-session in IWP (FMS11).

      I need to make shure that only one session is open at one time from a local WiFi-network.


      As fare as I know there isn't any way to do this with IWP. Or am I wrong?


      Any assistance pleace!


      greatings, Floor

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          Hi Floor


          I have tried to see if I can find a way to collect the IP Address of each IWP user (and this is not for the first time!), but the information does not appear to be passed from the Web Publishing Engine across to the FileMaker Server. The result of 'Get ( SystemIPAddress )' for IWP access is the IP address of the machine on which the Web Publishing Engine is running.


          The Web Publishing Engine log (available in the FM Server logs) does include the User's IP Address for each IWP session, but that is not easily queried by FileMaker.


          If you want to limit IWP access to one session from the local network, will there be other IWP users accessing the data?  You could limit the number of IWP sessions - perhaps to one - which would only allow one IWP user at a time, but this would be from any IP address.


          Maybe this will help?


          Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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            What if you were to put a web viewer on the layout that goes to a site that displays your external IP (www.ipchicken.com, whatismyip.com, etc).


            Could you scrape the IP address out of that?


            I put the web viewer on a layout and checked it in a browser - it displayed the correct info but I haven't tried scraping just the IP address out.


            [Edit] Obviously you'd try to hide the web viewer from view as much as possible.

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              I've used  the script step  LeftWords ( Get ( SystemIPAddress ) ; 1 ) or GetValue ( Get ( SystemIPAddress ) ; 1)  to parse of the ip address.

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                Thanks all,


                I am trying now to scrap the info from an webviewer. Haven't figger it out yet. All the standard Get-stuff from Filemaker scriptsteps isn't working in IWP. Dead end so fare!!


                Selecting the viewer by objectname for a start. Now scraping the info............


                Any suggestions?


                Thanks, Floor

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                  Hi Floor,


                  If your client is using a Mac, maybe this AppleScript will Help. It extracts your IP address from the downloaded html code of www.whatismyipaddress.


                  set TheURL to "http://www.whatismyipaddress.com/index.html"

                  set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "/"

                  set Filename to last text item of TheURL

                  set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""


                  tell application "URL Access Scripting"

                    download TheURL to file Filename

                  end tell

                  set fileContents to paragraphs of (read (POSIX file "index.html"))

                  set MyIPLine to item 62 of fileContents


                  Hope it helps


                  Luis Neuman

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                    Did you ever get it working like you wanted? I have short script that get's it done.  If still interested, let me know. I use insert from url 

                    "http://www.whatsmyip.us/showipsimple.php" and parse the return data...


                    this shows the real IP address, (123.456.789.123) as opposed to the local address (


                    I use to set up a sync with FM GO



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                      Hi Guy,


                      No not realy, so.... tell my all about it!!