"Import Records" behavior and memorized field mapping

Discussion created by ndelacretaz on May 3, 2012
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Hello, All -


For some time, I've been using an IWP form to collect prosepctive clients' submission forms in a dedicated database. I then export these forms' data to an intermediary .fp7 file on my desktop and import into several tables of our main CRM database.


Originally, upon import, I only had to "point" to the intermediary .fp7 file once - then each subsequent table's import would know the proper path...and FMP remembered my field mapping.


Now, I have to re-point to the intermediary file for each table's import... Plus, after making some field additions in our main CRM database, I've noticed that my field mapping is not preserved (I enabled "Perform with dialog" in the import to ensure the new fields would map correctly)...


Did something in the "Import Records" script step behavior and/or local field mapping change with FM11? Any advice/tips on these issues?