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    Duplicate Record issue


      I created a simple button for duplicating a record.

      When I click, it duplicates the record below the existing one.

      So, I would have a continous stack of records running down the screen.

      What's up with that?



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          Can you give a little more context? What type of a layout are you on and what does your button do? 


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            I was in 'List View' when I clicked the 'Duplicate' button.

            It works fine in 'Form View'.

            I will be creating my own List View layout anyway.


            I should be fine.

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              Having a second record added just below the current record that matches the current record is actually what Duplicate is supposed to do, not sure what the problem is?

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                It would help if you gave us what is the ID of the record that gets duplicated and what is the ID of the record you are on. 


                And, again, what does your button do: run a script or just issue a script step? 




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                  I am new to this software and under tight time lines and I apologize if my questions are……...


                  I was attempting to use the ‘Duplicate Record’ from the button setup as a Modify button.

                  I was hoping by duplicating the record, the user (Me), could change specific data without having to create a whole new record and the original data will remain intact.

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                    Yes you can do that, Duplicate simply makes a copy of the record, I assume you have your button set to just that one step.  I would recommend taking it a step further, Create a script (it's not difficult) Let the first step be your duplicate step, then  Set Field (to enter data into a Field) to enter in the information you want for the new record.  You can also just clear the data in the field.


                    One bit of advice, avoid using script steps to Copy and Paste, while it seems easy on the surface, the end users often have issues with it because they can't copy information, click the button then paste it, because your script takes over the clipboard.  It's better to use Set Field, and if you need to temporarily store data to "paste" create a variable and store it there.

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                      Thank you Ariley and DC.

                      Yes, I have a button that just duplicates. It is very handy.