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    zippScript Documentation - available anywhere?


      Greetings, all!


      I've been asked to work on an old Filemaker solution that appears (from a few of the field names) to be using the zippScript plug-in. Unfortunately, I've never used zippScript; and although I have a copy of the .fp7 files, at the moment I don't even have access to one of the client's machines to pull a copy of the plug-in itself. So right now, I'm looking at a DDR that's got 34 "<function missing>" references that I'm trying to figure out.


      From the websearches I've done so far, I know zippScript is no longer available. What I'm looking for right now is a copy of the zippScript documentation or a function reference, so that I can try to figure out what these calls are doing and how to convert them into something that's currently supported.


      If anyone can refer me to a copy of the docs, I'd be very appreciative. Many thanks!