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Any valid reasons not to upgrade from FileMaker Pro 8 v2 to 11?

Question asked by EdwardDegner on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by gdurniak

We have just started working with a new client who had been with their prior developer for 15 years. Their system went from FileMaker Pro 3 up through 8 v2, converting file formats along the way. They use both server and clients. He cautioned them not to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 11. We have found that the files have considerable corruption and still have the old structure of one table per file. The error detection in FileMaker Pro 11 is much advanced over that in 8 and we believe that they should move forward. Can anyone point out why they should stay with 8? especially v2?


Also, can you recommend automated software to fix the widespread file corruption in their system? Or, is a more hands-on approach using FileMaker 11's consistency checking and more robust recover the best way? Steven Blackwell's well written white paper on file recovery has been very helpful to us in guiding our approach so far.


As you probably suspect, the client has no "golden non-corrupted copy" of their system to fall back on and import what can be salvaged of the current data into.


Thank you for your help.


Edward Degner