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    Address Number Script


      I use "Address Number" as a means to find all addresses that start with that number.

      How can I write a script that does this for me?

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          You can do this with a simple find just start with 2 equal signs and end with an astrerisk




          Finding:  ==1234*


          Will Find:

          1234 Fifth Street

          1234 Somewhere Else

          1234567 Eighth Street


          But NOT Find:

          Something 1234

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            I attached a screenshot showing an example Script. If your Address # field is NOT the actual Street Address Field, just substitute that field for the one I used in Script.







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              THANK YOU SO MUCH!!    

              This is the first time I've used this list;  Awesome!


              I'm coming to FMP from Helix:  ever heard of that program?  It was way ahead of it's time "back in the day."   My application does more than anything I"ve ever seen in my industry.  The people at Helix are working overtime to 'bring it up to speed.'  But I'm learning FMP and starting to re-write what I've been writing and tweeking in Helix for 27 years.


              Thanks again!



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                Hello All,

                In reading the FMP Tutorial I found an elegant solution to what I've been trying to do:


                Left (Address ; Position ( Address ; " " ; 1 ;1 ) -1 )


                This returns the address number, which is always followed by a "space".


                From the Tutorial:

                [ The Four "word" functionis (WordCount(), LeftWords(), MiddleWords(), and RightWords() all depend on File Maker Pro knowing what constitutes a word.  This logic is driven by a list of characters that FileMaker Pro considers word delimiters.  Spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and most punctuation marks are considered word delimiters. ]