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Australia formats

Question asked by ajayz on May 3, 2012
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In Australia we use the following formats and I would like help on how to set these up for my Filemaker database. All values are set to TEXT and I know I would need to use a calulations, but not too sure how to write it.


Formats required:


a) ABN is the company registation number and is a number that needs to be formatted as: 00-000-000-000


b) ACN numbers similar to the above but formatted as: 000-000-000


d) Mobile phones numbers are formatted as 0000-000-000


e) Phone numbers are formatted as: 00-0000-0000


I've only been using FileMaker Pro 12 for one month and all my database development has been with MS Access, I'm trying to make the change and I find formatting is a very difficult thing to do in FileMaker.


Thank you for your help.