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    Server Error 685

      2012-05-02 23:01:11.473 +0100Error685******Error occurred while deleting backup folder "filemac:/******/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/Daily_2012-04-24_2300/", some files or folders could not be deleted. (-1)


      Hi guys, my first post....


      Anyhow I have updated to Filemaker Server 12 recently and since I have recreated the schedules and backups etc I receive the above error messages. It seems, from my google search that this may be due to another process but I have eliminated this. and I still get the same error. I have deleted and recreated teh scheules to no avail.


      any other ideas, short of reinstalling FM12?


      Thanks for your time.

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          when you go look at that backup location, what files or subfolders are left?  And do the permissions look like on those?


          No AV or other backups running?

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            Thanks the entire backup folder is still in place. permission's are:


            fmserver R&W

            fmsadmin R&W

            everyone R


            I think that is how it is supposed to be. my previous systems had the same permission settings.

            I did repaire permissions but no change.

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              I also am having the same problem, but it WAS working fine. The only other potential process running around it Time Machine (set to exclude live folder), but the time of the backups and this error are not coinciding. Here are my permissions:


              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 23 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-23_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 24 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-24_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 25 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-25_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 26 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-26_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 27 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-27_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 28 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-28_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 29 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-29_2300

              drwxrwxr-x+  3 fmserver    fmsadmin  102 30 Jul 23:00 Daily_2012-07-30_2300


              So it's have no trouble CREATING new folders. And interestingly, it is able to clear out all of the contents of the old folder EXCEPT the RC_Data_FMS folder, which contains the attachments. When I think about when we started getting this error, it does coincide with when we started using attachments. However, the privileges are the same all the way down the tree, and this command happily deletes the folder:


              sudo -u fmserver rm -r Daily_2012-07-23_2300/


              So I don't understand why the schedule is failing.

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                This could be a person or any other process on the system.  On the Macintosh or Windows this could be quite a few things such as other back up software, indexing software or other processes walking the folder structure  . 


                On Macintosh these include but are not limited to virus detection software, mdworker thread (when a file changes on the Mac OS this process is spawned by the OS to reindex the file so applications such as spotlight can perform finds on the system). The last example that I gave was for backup software this includes Time Machine or other backup software.  3rd party applications that will scan the hard drive and perform like operations on files.  Of course, these applications should exclude any folder structures owned by FileMaker Server.  As many of the operations are random such as Progressive backup and not all timing can be controlled in such a way to NOT cause a conflict. 


                Unfortunately my list here cannot be exaustive as new applications are created.  The general idea of the description above is 'can another application have a file open.'  Even a locally created external script can perform such operations and could have the file locked down.  My last example is on the Windows platform.  Having an explorer window open or command line window open and pointing to one of these locations will also cause the same issue. 


                It is possible that the very next run of the schedule will clean up the previously mentioned folder.




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                  Hi Keith, It's happened 100% of the time SINCE using attachments.


                  Can anyone using attachments and this backup strategy tell me if it is NOT generating these errors?


                  You can see the issue is more widespread here: https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/90556#90556

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                    Hi there,


                    I would just like to add to this post that I am having exactly the same problem - it seems to be a bug?


                    To be precise:


                    using FMS12 Advanced I run scheduled backups to an external USB drive used exclusivly for this purpose. There is no virus software running on this drive, TimeMachine does not backup this external drive.


                    The FileMaker backup scheduler has no problem creating folders and files but it cannot delete the container field content folders  and files starting with "RC_Data_FMS" folder, generating the


                    Error occurred while deleting backup folder ... some files or folders could not be deleted. (-1)




                    This error has happened since starting to use the new container field functionality

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                      I have tried everything to sort this out. I also had to redeploy my server, for other reaons than FMS, and the prolem & error notices continue. It now even recurs with with external storage turned off, but the file structure is still intact. I am manully deleting the unneeded directories every week now.


                      Otherwise I am none the wiser.

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                        Our set up is: 


                        Mac 10.6.8 server.

                        Time Machine is turned off

                        There is no software on the box that did not ship with 10.6 Server other than Dropbox, which is not touching any of the server files i.e. no symbolic links to the database folders or anywhere else.

                        We do not run virus software on the server box.

                        This happens across all back up schedules, some of which use different drives.

                        We copy the FMS generated backups to offsite storage via AppleScript using rsync triggered by iCal.  This starts two hours after the last back up of the day.


                        We have checked permissions and groups on the remnant files. They appear correct.  We have stopped FMS and using Terminal reset permissions on the entire RC folder. We have turned off spotlight indexing. We have reinstalled FMS. 


                        Still no joy.


                        One thought I have is it is a possible timeout issue as our RC folder contains ~600,000 files each 80-300 KB in size. All most all are jpgs. Do the rest of you reporting this error also have a large number of container files?

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                          I am having these issues even with a small number of small files ( 1 page PDFs mostly). It does not appear to be a size problem.

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                            We are also having this issue. we get it fixed on one backup and then it starts up on a different schudule backup. It is always with full backups, not incremental.

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                              I am experiencing the same error.  It began suddenly on November 2 with no deployment changes, and plenty of backup space available.  In my case, the server is running under Windows 2003 Server.  No container field storage, no Time Machine, just the same error, once per hour on the Hourly backup script.


                              This is the (most recent) error message, received a half-hour ago:


                              2012-11-03 14:01:10.515 -0500          Error          685  Database Server          Error occurred while deleting backup folder "filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/Hourly_2012-11-01_1300/", some files or folders could not be deleted. (20402)




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                                Amazingly our 685 errors ended the day we upgraded our FMP clients to to 12.0v3. 


                                Nothing was touched on the server.  No schedules were changed, nothing. 


                                Seems illogical but ... I'm happy. 

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                                  This solution doesn't apply to me, because I was seeing it on FMS-11.  It has not happened since yesterday afternoon.  I rebooted server at 6M.  We'll see .....

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                                    We never saw this before FMS 12.  I thought it only caused by Remote Containers.


                                    Tim Ballering


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