Server 12 Advanced - Which is better OSX or OSX Server

Discussion created by RichardBurton on May 4, 2012
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I would like opinions on which operating system is better when installing Server 12 Advance on a new Mac. I will be using secure certificates and instant web publishing and php web publishing. I will have only my own client's databases on my server.. no public serving.


I've heard installing security certificates with OSX is more difficult due to how Apache is configued under OSX as opposed to OSX Server, but I have no direct knowledge of either. As far as I know none of the OSX Server services will be needed and will be turned off. So am I better off just using regular OSX to run the Mac which will have FM Server 12 Advanced installed in a one box configuration.


All comments appreciated from anyone, especially if you have a configuration similar to this currently running.




Richard Burton