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Is there any way to further decrease the file size?

Question asked by sastickf on May 4, 2012
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I have a file with 9 tables, and primarily all text or number fields. (There are some calculation fields, but no container fields.) The file has records for each of the books/chapters/verses/words in the Bible. I have a friend who informed me that the KJV version of the Bible in html is a mere 5.44 MB and we can't quite understand why my file (with only the KJV version) is so large at 197.9 MB! In an effort to determine what made the file so large, I rebuilt it, and used the Save a copy (compressed) after each step. The results of that exercise are detailed in the attached file. The information in the right four columns, highlighted in yellow, detail the file size after saving a compressed copy. It is obvious that the file size increased the most after adding the verse and word records. Besides saving a compressed copy of the file, is there any other way to further decrease the file size?