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Question asked by carlos_panda on May 4, 2012
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I have developed a single file runtime application which I would like to distribute with at least two data files: a tutorial file (containing pre-entered example data to enable users to become familiar with the operation of the app) and an empty file (ready for users to enter their own data). Both files are identical in structure but (obviously) contain different data.

When I open either the runtime app or the primary (empty) file, no problem, but when I try to open the non-primary (tutorial) file the runtime app opens the primary file rather than the one I want.

Each data file was created with its own runtime app (using an identical bind key and extension) and then the runtime app for the tutorial file was deleted and the file moved into the same folder as both the empty file and its app.

Surely it must be possible to open more than a single file with a fixed name with a runtime app?

Where am I going wrong?