FileMaker Go - capturing image using container

Discussion created by ajayz on May 5, 2012

I’m still finding my way around FileMaker Pro 12 and using the FileMaker Go app and have a question regarding using containers capture images from FileMaker Go App.


I’ve created an OHS AUDIT database for the Ipad, which allows the user to answer a set of question and then use containers to capture two images along with a signature on the Ipad using FileMaker Go App. I’ve set up a button that automatically sends the information by Email in a PDF format to a set email address.


The system works well, however the image they take on their iPad3 (5 megapixels) and looks great on the ipad, however the image that I received on the PDF format is of a LOWER quality similar to 1 or 2 megapixel? - is there away I can control the size of this image? And where and how?


I would like the image to be slightly better than the current default but not too large that it will blow out the size of the PDF