Best way to show time Entry DATES..

Discussion created by ian.moree on May 6, 2012

Hello Everyone;


i am trying to do the following:



user chooses the start day of Week using calendar drop down menu from TIMECARD table:

  • i would like to auto add the rest of the week into the time entry table;
  • eg
  • MON -- start time | end Time | {Comments} | hours_calculated;
  • TUE -- start time |


the thing is i dont know how / what i should do


My ideas are:


  1. auto generate the rest of work week dates so if user chooses May 14/2012, then perhaps put remainder week
  2. in a variable : eg $$dateWeek = list ( may15,2012, may16,2012, etc)
  3. then choose from list getvalue( $$dateWeek; 1) when user adds next entry or


is this too crazy..


I was using repeating variables, and now i am seeing why that is easier in the beginning, but in the latter is not so