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    Vertical Lines for Reporting in FM12


      Most of our reports (Invoices, Order Confimations, etc.) in FM11 used vertical lines which extended from the header to the footer between columns. We also used container fields to display watermark-like text behind the body records, such as "PAID". These layout objects started in the header and crossed layout part boundaries.


      Now, with FM12, the objects cut off after the header and that messes up a lot for us. Is there a way to achieve the same result as described above with FM12?



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          I never could get one line to extend like that. Can you slit the lines for each part?


          Also, for 'watermark' would a text set with conditional formatting work for you? I found that I could toss many of these kinds of fields with the text.  This, of course does not display across records in list view.


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            I have been doing exactly the same thing to create vertical lines in Invoices, Order Acknowledgments, Proposals, etc. And like you, I now find that the behavior changes in FM 12.




            Browse Mode: Things seem to work the same in FM 11 and FM 12, at least for my forms that use vertical lines extending from top to bottom of a portal. I use this in the area of my invoice form (portal) where line items are entered.




            Preview Mode: This is where the behavior change occurs for me. Previously a vertical line stretching from above the body to below the body was drawn thru the height of the body, and was automatically sized correctly as the size of the body changed based on “sliding”. Now no vertical line appears in the body. I would report this as a bug, and I plan to do the same.




            P.S. I have experimented to try and find an alternate means of positioning vertical line(s) such that I can get a continuous line from top to bottom of the body, but no luck. If a line starts in the body and extends to the very last point (pixel), the line will be drawn, but it overrides the (desirable) sliding up of the data in the body, and thus negates the usefulness of this approach for forms such as invoices.




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              The loss of this functionality is a documented change with FM 12.  It has been a real issue with some of my clients who want vertical column rules on invoices, statements, etc.  Many people have suggested vertical lines in the body part the same height as the body.  If an invoice only has two line items, they are not likely to extend all the way to the footer and it looks silly.


              I has also been suggested to me that I submit a request to bring this functionality back through links on this site and FM's main site.  Please join me in doing so!



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                Have you tried placing a narrow empty field (global or otherwise) that extends the height of the body and has sliding up & resize enclosed part enabled.  You could set one of the field boundaries to the line thickness that you need so that you have a vertical line extending from header to footer.  I just tried this and it worked well.  You may also be able to use one of your existing fields on the layout as long as it extends the entire height of the body with sliding features enabled.... perhaps setting left or right margin to 3mm or equivalent in pixels so any text doesn't run in to the boundary.  Basically, you are using a field border instead of a line to create the vertical line effect.

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                  I have used the vertical lines within the body part combined with a bottom border on the body part with a conditional format so that it only shows up on the last item for a page, which creates a satisfying box to contain the vertical lines. It isn't exactly what the client wanted, but it was acceptable.