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I need help to set a relationship

Question asked by gowa on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 6, 2012 by digital-carpentry

I am creating a Purchase Order and need help to set up a relationship.

I have an Excel file of ‘Suppliers’.

This Excel file has suppliers’ info plus supplied product information such as product name and pricing etc.

I would like to select ‘New Purchase Order” and select the supplier from a drop down box and have all the information related to that supplier appear in their fields. (Address etc.)


In this Purchase Order I have two Tables; Purchase Orders (k_ID_PO) and Line items (kf_ID_PO).

I have set the relationship between these two.


I just created another Table called ‘Suppliers’ where I can import the suppliers Excel file.


This is where I stopped to ask for advice.