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    Logging out of IWP


      To log out of IWP we use "Exit Application". This throws the user back to http://domain/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html.


      I would like the logged out user to go to a different URL. How do we control that?

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          You can change the IWP home page and use a redirect on the substitute page. That's one idea.



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            I have a solution that pretty much works around the FileMaker iwm_home and iwm_auth pages that I use when my clients do not want to see a list of other databases and don't want to see FM logos and such. 


            Each client has a landing page on their own website on the FM server with a link to their database logon:


            <a href="http://db.theirwebsite.com/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=DatabaseName&-startsession"><Login></a>


            Clicking on that takes them to the login screen (iwp_auth.html, which is modified to remove the FM logos).  When they log off, a replacement iwp_home.html file takes them where ever you want.  I completely replaced the contents of the iwp_home.html page with javascript to take my clients back to their custom landing page, but you could use a redirect to take them wherever you want. 


            The downside of this is that the page you normally see when you logon to www.server.com/fmi/iwp is not available anymore - you have to link like I did above.  Of course, you have to have admin or poweruser access to the server to make changes like these.



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              That's the sort of solution that I want. We have a number of clients that want to have IWP and we want them to feel a little bit special.


              How do you know which client web site to return to? Is the database name included in the URL or do you check the referrer URL?

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                Good suggestion. We have more than one client that wants IWP. So we need to handle that.

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                  Since each client has a website on the server and they login to FileMaker from that website page, you can use a simple bit of javascript to direct them back to their starting page:


                  <script type="text/javascript">


                  window.location = "http://" + window.location.hostname;




                  Put this code on a webpage and name it iwp_home.html.  Rename the original (just in case you want to go back) iwh_home.html file and copy the new file into the same folder as the original. 



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                    I see. We're doing FMP hosting but not web hosting. There is a bit of creep into the web but we're not hosting the domain names.

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                      I guess I was not real clear - I am not hosting their domains, only a subdomain.  So if a client has their website at godaddy (www.theirwebsite.com), I have them make a subdomain (myiwpdatabase.theirwebsite.com) and point it to my webserver.  I add a webserver for that subdomain and confirgure it like the default webserver as far as FileMaker connectivity goes.  That process can be fairly technical, but I could talk you through it on Windows.  I haven't tried this on a Mac server yet.



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                        That's food for thought. I think that we can do that too.