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    EHR database using body chart references




      I'm considering using FMP as a simple EHR system to better access historical and analytical information in a small Mental Health Treatment Centre.


      I specifically need to know if I can insert a "Body Chart" Diagram (see below) into the form.


      Allowing the user to:


      1) place a "pin(s)" on that body chart

      2) enter text details relating to those pins



      any direction with this would be most appreciated




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          I've done this for our school nurse visit database. the diagram is overlayed with as many transparent boxes as you want, each acting as a button (or you can assemble a drwaing out of variously-shaped buttons, as shown.  -SS 2012-05-07 at 12.06.13 PM.jpgIf the user clicks on, for instance, the right hand, The text "right hand" is entered into the InjuryLocation field.

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            Hi Brad??,

            (You didn't sign your post, so forgive if my guess is incorrect)


            A few years ago, back around version 10, Andy Cohen,PHD wrote an article for Filemaker Advisor titled "Build data-driven Graphic Displays with FileMaker Pro". It should be available via FilemakerSphere.com if you have access the article # is19654. He used the very concept you are considering here as the example for the article. You may be able to find him directly, he also was involved in a podcast, "Filemaker Success Tips" http://fmsuccesstips.libsyn.com


            Hope this Helps,