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Discussion created by petermorgan on May 7, 2012
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Good design they say is where Function and Poetry meet, so would someone help me with the first verse.


I am very aware that time spent initially, designing the structure of a DB, bearing in mind its function and use is so important, and to have a visual model in the mind or on paper before starting assembly. Therefore I would be most grateful if you could recommend a structure, flow and links at this early stage to prevent any suicidal thoughts on my part, many hundred hours down the line.


Description: Sales / Order Catalogue


Files: Products / Customers / Orders


Display: Products: Four Product Groups - with approx. 8 product lines per group

Display 1 page (Screen) for each Product line, with Product Details, prices and Quantity to order and to scroll to the next product sequentially, in strict order.


To output a customer order, populated with quantities from the individual product page


To enter the customer details and view/edit order details at this last step in the order process.



I have looked for templates with a similar function, but have had no joy to date. Just want to start this task by setting off on the right foot as it were.


Thanks Guys