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Excel Interface - Copy/Paste into repeating field

Question asked by suesaunders on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by LSNOVER

Hi there FMP Techies!


I want my Business Planning app to be able to take a line item in Excel - say Sales from Jan through Dec for 2 years = 24 cells. Copy this line item to the clipboard. I only want to transfer this particular line item not the whole Excel spreadsheet.


Then go into the FMP12 app and paste into my 24 element repeating field. Easy! Except that all of the Excel data is pasted into the first element of the repeating field. That is ok I suppose. Except I have to write a fancy script to decode the string and put each Excel element into the corresponding place in my repeating field. Can be done but tricky. The Excel data has fuzzy delimiting - like spaces or maybe tabs - hard to tell. It will need to be a trial and error exercise, I fear.


Question: Has anyone done this before? It is a bit like a FMP "paste special".


The repeating field is fundamental to my app design.


Best regards