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IWP and custom privilege sets

Question asked by nvandenburgh on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by nvandenburgh

I'm using FM12 and FM12 Advanced server and IWP. I have a solution that works fine with the FM12 client, but buggy in IWP. In my file I have a custom privilege set that won't allow users to edit a record unless they were the creator and that a lock field is empty: Get ( AccountName )= record creator and IsEmpty ( RecordLock ). If this statement is true users can edit a record and if it fails they can not edit the record. This works perfectly in FM11 and 12.


Using IWP on FM12 Server advanved the following happens:

Once the record lock script runs and enables the lock field users can still edit the record even after it is committed until they log out and back in and then they are unable to edit the record.


This has me stumped. Any ideas?