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Question asked by CICT on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by CICT

This is really directed to FileMaker, but we'd appreciate other developers' advice.


FileMaker obviously have some teething issues with their new layout tools, particularly with old formats such as drop shadow, embossed, engraved, etc. We're currently looking at a layout with 2 fields side-by-side set as pop up menus with identical formatting set in the inspector, that appear totally different on the layout (screen shot attached), because one was set to be a pop up menu in the FMP 11 file it was converted from and the other has since been set to a pop up menu post conversion.


Therefore, should we be go through every object in our converted files and change all formatting to match the current tools available - in the case of portals, the only way we've found of doing this is to delete and replace with new - on the assumption FileMaker are not going to give us any of our old tools back? Or do we leave everything as is, formatted as per FMP11 and hope they'll keep displaying correctly as inevitable updates are released?


The former is a huge amount of work and potentially a complete waste of time. The latter is a potential minefield.