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SERIOUS bug: FileMaker Server 12 Web Publishing Engine omitting portal data from RESULT

Question asked by tcmeyers on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by mmcintyre

This is a cross post, I also did it in the normal FileMaker Forum bug report page. This is really important, though, so I'm posting here too.


If anyone has a solution, or can suggest how to get attention to the the bug fixed fast, please let me know! My site is in a shambles because I didn't realize it 'til after I committed to go live with Server 12.



FileMaker Server











Operating system version:

Lion Server 10.7.3





Description of the issue:

The XML results of a query to the WPE completely (and erroneously) omit column data for portals that have no related records; the field name elements for these in the XML are (correctly) not omitted. Thus, the results have more <FIELD> elements than <COL> elements, so data ends up being attributed to incorrect fields.

Steps to reproduce the problem:Include a portal on a layout to be used with the WPE. Add the portal and its fields, then afterwards add some more fields or portals, so that the result can be expected to have non-portal data presented AFTER the test portal as well.



Make sure the test portal's relationship does not have any related records for the test record.



Request the XML using the FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db= etc. method.



Observe that the data elements in the <RESULTSET> do not align with the field names in the <METADATA> section.





Expected result:

There should be exactly as many <FIELD> elements as <COL> elements.





Actual result:

For portals that have no related records, the <COL> elements are totally OMITTED, rather than being supplied as <COL></COL> for each field in the portal, as they should be.





Exact text of any error message(s) that appear:

None, other than lots of "Undefined index" errors and data appearing in wrong places, further downstream in the PHP output. I'm using FX.php.