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    No WHITE theme???


      It might be me....


      But is there no WHITE theme for doing printed layouts?


      I am just rebuilding a file from the ground up, and on a printing list, even if I make all the parts to have a white fill there is no access to the background colour ( I SHOULD be able to remove this altogether, but that's another matter) so when I have a report with just one line, I get pale blue filling up the rest of the page, which also then prints out.


      As per attached

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          Paul Jansen



          I just created a new report layout with classic theme (header, body, sub-summary and footer) and everything is white as it should be.  Are you using another theme?


          Paul Jansen

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            The cool blue



            Using classic loses ALL kinds of cleverness, so why would I want use it??

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              Paul Jansen

              Firstly, I agree this is undesirable behaviour!


              I would try the following.


              • Create layout with theme
              • Copy all layout objects to clipboard (or to another layout to be safe)
              • Delete all layout objects
              • Change theme to classic
              • Paste all layout objects back on to layout


              Depending what aspect of the theme you are using from the theme, you may find you can change the theme to classic with the layout objects in place and then perform a single undo to restore fomatting.  (a second undo undoes the theme change)


              Selecting a new theme seems to be a two step process

              1. Set/store the theme to apply to all new objects created
              2. Apply theme to all existing objects


              Hope this helps and you can find a way to get what you want....