Choosing a Remote Hosting Service

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on May 8, 2012
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Hey all,

My school is going to go to a remote hosting site for our new database for all three schools next year. The server guys feel its going to be better than having one school be the hosting site where the bandwith is limited already. We don't want to bog things down for one school.


How do I pick a place to host it? What are some good places to host?


We will have 1-3 database and will have about 70-90 users (within the next few years) accessing the database every day. The morning will be the biggest use of the database as everyone uses it to take attendance. I'm going to rebuild our database to FM 12 over the summer, so I'll need the FM 12 server.


DO I look for reliability? The Filemaker Business Alliance badge? Word-of-Mouth?

How do I know what kind of bandwidth and service i will need from the hosting site?


I realize i'm asking people who probably do hosting. I'd love to get some information regarding your company's service if possible. I need to present 3 to 5 possibilities and let the guys who make the decisions pick one. I'm very inclined to go with someone here who I 'know' is in the filemaker developing business.


We are looking for between $50 and $80 a month in the service (is this reasonable). And we're looking for the above needs to be met.