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    iPad Simulation


      I watched a Webinar on FMP12, in it they were using something like or called a simulator, so that you could see what things looked like in iOS devices.

      How do I get this?


      Should it matter, The only trial I could find was plain Vanilla Filemaker. Does this come with FM Advanced?

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          alc wants an iOS,


          FMP12 has custom themes, using the word "Touch" in their title, for the Apple iOS devices.


          FileMaker GO 12 is free. Go to the Apple iTunes store and download it for your iPhone or iPad.


          The FileMaker GO product is for Apple iOS device only.


          FMI has stated the FileMaker GO Simulator is not available.

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            The iOS simulator is part of Developer Tools created by Apple.  You might need to install xCode I'm not sure that they have a separate package for just the simulator.  You can find the link here:





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              The simulator runs only on a Mac - you'll want to get Xcode for free from the app store, then download the Simulator from within the Xcode app. The built in help will guide you if you can't find the simulator, but on the first run, it will offer to download documentation and simulators if I recall correctly.

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                If you want the simulator for Filemaker files it will not work for you since it only works with a special build of FileMaker Go.  I think you can accomplish what you want with Reflection or Air Server which turn your computer into an airplay receiver.  This allows you to display your iPad screen onto your computer screen.

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                  You're totally right. A little voice was trying to tell me something was wrong with my "answer" and that voice was trying to find the words to say that you can't run arbitrary apps you have purchased from the app store in simulation. Just a few apps like mobile safari, photos and the address book exist on the iOS simulator and of course the ones you have the code to compile yourself.


                  The main reason why this won't work is that the simulator runs x86 code, not arm code so unless it were distributed by Apple / FileMaker, we're going to need an iOS device to run the real app.


                  Thanks for pointing out my incomplete answer. I tried editing it, but it wasn't clear how to actually edit a past post from the iPad as it complains the device can't upload pictures, etc......

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                    bmike, my little voice is saying this quest is for FREE filemaker. Get FMGo, get an iPad emulator. NOT! For demos purposes, Roy has the right idea with Air Server.



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                      Beverly : What iPad emulators  can you recommend?


                      Unless im missing aomething. Air server does the reverse of what I'm looking for I want to see the iPad screen (or a mockup of) while I'm designing layouts.

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                        I just resize the window to be the "iPad" size. I use the guides on the layout, they work. I also happen to have an iPad to test on, but mostly I use the guides. Your resolution, obviously will not be the same, but the placement and how it looks is ok. I also will zoom the layout down to 75% to see the entire "screen".



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                          Perhaps we need a clean question with a new thread - but here is how my workflow happens.


                          I use FileMaker on a Mac to do initial design and I rely on the Xscope app to mirror my filemaker window as I'm working on my mac and show it on the iPad. This isn't an emulator - just a sanity check in how the layout will look when framed on iOS.


                          Once I've gotten enough work done to save the database file, then I load it on the FileMaker Go on a real device. I've found having a device sitting next to my mac while designing is well worth the cost in hardware to speed up development time. Depending on your budget and how you value your time, this cost might not make sense. Beverly is correct that most people just zoom in and out and trust the iPad and iPhone views for laying out things - it's really quite faithful to how things will be once you save the design to a file and load it on iOS.


                          The only time Xcode and the iOS simulator work (they are not emulators - they are simulators) for me is when I need to fire up Mobile Safari to check a web view of something and not for actually getting a filemaker database to run in emulation or simulation.


                          I use Reflection when I have something running on the iPad that I need to project onto my mac - this is the exact opposite of the Xscope flow of pictures.


                          Also - there is not a trial version of FileMaker Pro Advanced available. I believe the cheapest option is to pay for the yearly FileMaker Developer Subscription - see here for details:



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                            note! the subscription is for SERVER ADVANCED (limited # connections) not FMPro or FMPro A



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                              Mike you nailed it.


                              I was at FileMaker conference this week, they mentioned (or demoed, can't recall). anyway I downloaded and installed - does just what I want (without having to use Lion, which was required for current xCode).



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                                Whoops the app I referred to was Relection.