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      How many people can access a FileMaker runtime at the same time?


      I'm thinking of using Inno Setup 5.


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          Note that the runtime engine does nothave all the FM Pro features: for instance it is missing save to pdf and charts.

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            Mike Duncan

            The runtime engine does not support the network sharing that FM Pro has, but you can still share it if you open with FM Server or FM Pro.

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              Stephen Huston

              The runtime app cannot host a file, so only the user who opens the file with the runtime can see it via the runtime engine.


              However, FM data files bound as part of a runtime can be shared if:

              1. they are opened via FMPro rather than the runtime and hosted peer-topeer (always a poorer option than Server), or
              2. they are removed from the runtime folder and hosted via FM Server.

              In both of these cases, the users must open the hosted file via FMPro as the client app to access the hosted file. The runtime cannot read served files.

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                Thank you all for your comments.