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    Footer disapears after conversion from .fp7 to .fmp12


      After working and stable FM solution was converted from fp7 to fp12 format in list view footer (and all buttons, located there) disappeared on layout enter in browsw mode.

      They reappear after switching to layout (or preview) and back.

      Also, in the case if table or form view is chosen, everything is O.K.

      Any idea about reason for such unexpected behavior?

      I am using respectively FMP 11 advanced and FMP 12 advanced.

      In FMP 11 solution works O.K. and in 12 as described abocve.

      I noticed also, that the speed of FM decreased and the difference (slowdown when switching between layouts, performing complex scripts in background) is noticeable at the first glance.

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          Stephen Huston

          There have been reports that FMP12 is less forgiving about having layout objects which extend between layout parts than previous versions. So an idea:


          Check that any objects on the footer are at least one pixel/pt lower than the top of the footer part, and that the footer part extends at least that far below the bottom edge of all objects it contains. FM11 allowed pushing the bottom edge of a part, even the footer, up to match or even be one pixel shorter than objects contained, but FMP12 may not be so lax about boundaries.

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            Have tried in line with your advice (increased the height of footer, deleted background fill and anly buttons were left - at least 10 pix from footer boundaries), but there is no change in the course of events. It is strange , that after change browse mode - layout mode - browse mode missing footer reappears.

            Anyhow thanks for your advice and many regards from Slovenia.

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              Stephen Huston

              Do you have a simple file which exhibits this problme that you could post here for troubleshooting?


              I have not seen this with list view footers, which we use regularly, so would like to see how reproduceable this is.

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                This solution is not simple and tomorrow I shall try to "cut out" problematic part (tomorrow -  now it is nearly midnight CET). in the case i shall not succeed,   I shall send you full files (in fp7 and fmp12) with description how to reach critical part.

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                  Here are test samples. As I cut major part of solution, there are some "missing script" prompts.

                  After opening file, click to button "Media" once and do it one more time - in this case you are on layout(Asset edit table - master) with missing footer - in fmp 12 format (fp7 works - attached for comparison) If you cycle browse-layout-browse footer appears.

                  If you choose table or form view, footer is in place.


                  When digging little bit more in depth, I have found some more unexpected behavior:

                  In this version of the solution, there are three layouts, sharing the same graphic template - Assets edit table - master, Assets edit table - pull down and Pulldown buttons assets edit table - master

                  If you start in the layout "Media" and switch to any of the before listed layouts, footer is missing. But when you cycle between them, footer is present.


                  Layout Assets edit table - master can be accessed from Media by clicking a button "Media", while other two are accessible only trough menu (disappearing accurs independently from the method of access so button setup and associated script do not influence strange behavior)


                  Returning from three similar layouts to Media layout is  performed also with the button "Media".

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Thank you for the files.


                    I did find something that made me think of older reported screen issue and some previous experiences of my own in List View.


                    I found that when first getting to your blank footer, if I navigated to the Last Record and clicked into that row to make the Last Record the Active Record, the footer suddenly appeared without having to perform any type of layout mode change or refresh.


                    This reminded me of issues where FM11 would sometimes show a longer footer area than was correct when in list view until one had navigated to the last record, not just scrolled the list, but actually made the last record active.


                    I suspect a screen refresh issue is at work here, and the footer is  inheriting screen info from the last record which has not been activated.


                    I also tried resizing various layout parts, removing colored background objects and using the part-coloring tool -- none had any effect on this.


                    I think this is worth reporting to FMI as a likely bug, along with a copy of your FMP12 sample file.

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                      Your hint was helpful - I wrote short script toggling between current active record and last and back and footer is back. This workaround is useful only as a proof of malfunction and is useless in real solution (must be performed at each entry to the relevant layout).

                      But my second remark (visible slowdown) is in this case even more exaggerated.

                      By the way - do you know how to submit bugreport to FMI?

                      Rgds and one more time thkx!

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                        Stephen Huston

                        You can include those steps in a script which is triggered as a layout script trigger for onLayoutLoad, assigned in the triggers tab of the Layout Setup dialog.


                        Bug reporting can be done at:



                        Sometimes workarounds are what keep everything working.