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    Weird Import Discrepancy Issue


      Windows shop, FMP 11. Hosted Database.


      Client has a daily download/import process that's been working fine for years. A .tab file is downloaded, and then pulled into their database. (It usually has a .txt extension, but that doesn't seem to matter.)


      Today, the person who does it noticed that all the fields were getting stuffed into the first field. I.e., it wasn't "seeing" the tabs, somehow, and not delimiting the fields.


      What's strange is that, on other computers (we tried 3 others), it worked fine . . the fields were delimited and came in correctly.


      Note that the user is on Windows 7. The other machines we tried are either also on Windows 7, on XP.


      It's a hosted database, so the import programming can't change per user (or can it????) .


      Anybody have any idea what might be going on? Is there some obscure Windows setting where tabs are "ignored" or something, system-wide?



      Thanks for any help,


      Christopher Bailey

      Baytaflow Consulting

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          Update:  user re-started her machine and it worked fine.


          Odd that one would have to re-start a machine in order for tabs to be recognized.


          Life (or maybe just Windows) is strange sometimes.



          Christopher Bailey

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            Could you please provide a little more information:


            Is it possible the source file was somehow changed?  Please provide more details about the source (is it from an internal or external source, for example). 


            When you imported to the other machines, did you use the same import file, and if so had it been opened or altered between imports?


            Is this happening with only this user, and has it happened just this one time or has it happened on other days with other files?


            Is the import process completely automated or does the user have access to the import windows?  If the latter, perhaps user intervention caused the problem.


            Don Clark


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              Wow very strange. Glad to know it is fixed now.  I have also had some very strange behavior with Windows. One and only one of my user out of 23 will randomly get a script pause when there are cleary none sited within the scripts. Also have a paste problem (which I have another discussion about). Weird!



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                Stephen Huston

                Rebooting has been Step #1 in troubleshooting for decades. 

                Equally true on Windows and Mac whenever one user gets weird results.