FileMaker 12 ESS Problems

Discussion created by davidjhayden on May 9, 2012
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We have a script that has been in use since FileMaker 10 that publishes a subset of local FileMaker data to a remote MySQL database via script across a relationship. Since converting to FileMaker 12 the data is pushed to the external table, but when the local record is committed by moving to another record, the remote data reverts.


To simplify, let's say remote table Remote has two fields: ID and Title and the Local table Local has the same two fields, and a relationship between the ID fields.


The user changes the value in Local::Title and fires a sync script with the following step:


Set Field [Remote::Title; Local::Title]


On the MySQL side I see the data temporarily change, but when I navigate the local FileMaker record away the MySQL data reverts. My sense is that there's some kind of cache/locking issue going on here, but I'm at a loss. If I place the remote field on the local layout and manually update it, it sticks.