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    FileMaker 12 / 11 Web Viewer Browser Versions




      I am using a FileMaker web viewer to view an html 5 iphone site created by the xslt site assistant. I noticed the in FileMaker 11 the web viewer seems to be using an old browser version that doesn't correctly display the html 5 content.


      I tried this on a test copy of FileMaker 12 and it renders the html 5 content properly. I thought that the web viewer would be based on the version of internet explorer installed. Is this not true? I have internet explorer 9 installed.


      Is there any way to tell the FileMaker 11 web viewer to use a newer browser that would render html 5 properly, like FileMaker 12 web viewer does? I am running this on Windows 7 64 bit with ie 9.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Stephen Huston

          According to FMI's Knowledge Base regarding the functionality of the FM Webviewer:

          The Web Viewer feature, introduced in FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced, allows you to see web pages from within your FileMaker database. The Web Viewer's feature set allows you to interact with the web page being displayed, but in a limited form compared to a traditional web browser. ... The web viewer is intended to be a window into a web page driven by your FileMaker database data, not a fully functioning Web Browser.

          Have not found any way to tell FM to use a different set of browser code than its own defaults.

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            Thank you. I would have thought it could use the same viewer that fm 12 is

            using since they are both on the same machine.


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