FileMaker 12 / 11 Web Viewer Browser Versions

Discussion created by smower on May 9, 2012
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I am using a FileMaker web viewer to view an html 5 iphone site created by the xslt site assistant. I noticed the in FileMaker 11 the web viewer seems to be using an old browser version that doesn't correctly display the html 5 content.


I tried this on a test copy of FileMaker 12 and it renders the html 5 content properly. I thought that the web viewer would be based on the version of internet explorer installed. Is this not true? I have internet explorer 9 installed.


Is there any way to tell the FileMaker 11 web viewer to use a newer browser that would render html 5 properly, like FileMaker 12 web viewer does? I am running this on Windows 7 64 bit with ie 9.


Thank you in advance,