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    Purchase Order Starter Solution


      Will FM 12 be offering a Purchase Order starter solution?

      I find it a bit strange that there is not one included in the package.

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          I'd REALLY like to see a purchase order starter solution too.... I've been trying to adjust the sales order to purchase order and it is a nightmare for me being a newbie to all this.


          If by the end of my trial I can't get it to work with the inventory and somehow combine it all with estimates too I may just not bother with FileMaker and just go back to using my AccountEdge accounting software and my husband will have to stick with Excel!

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            Check if there is anything here:



            or here




            Other than that: you will have to be a lot more specific about what it is that does and does not work for you currently.

            We're here to help you with any development challenges but you have to outline them for us.

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              Thanks. Yes, I was using the FM Starting Point but started getting frustrated with trying to add a purchase order module and "blend" it in so I figured I'd have to start from scratch - or almost scratch. I was thinking of trying to modify the Estimates or the Invoices ones - but was hoping someone out there had already been successful in modifying them to become purchase order databases. 


              The exbiztracker - I downloaded the demo - we are too small to pay such a large amount for the development time but maybe one day.  I've tried demos of other FM software but they cannot be edited - which is a major problem when you have to show two separate taxes that don't always apply to all items.  This is what killed JobPro Central which otherwise would have been a great solution. Then there was a bizman one or something that was going to be far too high - budget wise - with far too many features.


              Is it just me or is there something particularly scary/difficult with making purchase order templates for starter solutions?  Is it somehow much more complicated or difficult than the invoicing ones?  Strange that there appears to be starter solutions for almost everything except a rather vital PO.