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How to calculate total page numbers in a report in FM Go 12?

Question asked by davidsan on May 9, 2012
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I have a complex report created from different parts of the database.


This report is meant for printing. In previous versions of FileMaker Go, printing was not supported. In FM Go12, the report can now be printed correctly.


The report is rendered in FileMaker Go as a PDF and it looks exactly as it does on Mac or Windows. There is only one issue I cannot find a work around.


At the end of each page there is the page numbering in this format: 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, etc. where 1,2,3... is the current page and 12 is how many pages the report has. I find how many pages the document has using the well-known trick in preview mode: go to the last page, save it in a global variable, then add the global variable to each page.


FileMaker Go 12 does not support preview mode so the script does not work on the device.


Could anyone please help me to achieve a similar functionality in FM Go 12?