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    Are there free barcode plugins?


      I want to be able to create barcodes in FM (to print) in order for me to simply scan the printed barcode at a later time to bring up its assigned record (in this case it would be a single customer).

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          The SixFriedRice Barcode Plug-in is not free but well worth the price in my opinion.


          Once you understand its behaviour in the AutoEnter container field, it produces a beautifully compact and clean barcode that is easy to read with every make of scanner that we've ever used.  Prior to using it we employed a Barcode font that needed the "*" as stop and start characters. It was free but also error prone and I'd not recommend that route.


          I hope this helps,



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            You might want to take a look at my document 'Code128 Custom Function. Barcodes on a Budget' where I go into great detail how to create them without a plugin. I have example databases as well so you can see it work immediately. Haven't tested in on FileMaker 12, but I don't think there will be a problem. There are several custom functions that you are welcome to include in your solution also.


            Do a tag search if need be also for ronsmithmd and you'll locate the document among those others I've written.


            Warmest regards,


            Ron Smith, MD

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              Forgive me Ron but I read your article (as well as the attached Wikipedia) and I am still confused as to how to implement a barcode generating function into my database. I am but a novice when it comes to complex calculations. If you have the time (and patience) I would appreciate it if you would take me through the process step by step.

              I noticed the sample db you attached to your article has 7 fields and 1 script. I just want to clarify a few things (as it might help me make sense of everything on your db):

              • It looks like the script was made for a button which would generate a new barcode but the button is not displayed on the db, therefore the script is not being used.
              • I checked out the "Specify Calculation" box of the Barcode field and noticed the Code128 function was on the functions list. How do you make a custom function to have it listed here?
              • only 4 fields are being used:
                1. barcode_alpha (which displays the barcode in a readable letter and number format)
                2. lotnum
                3. seqnum (the latter 2 are Text types, but do both fields have numbers AND letters in them?)
                4. barcode
              • What are the other fields for?
              • Why are 2 barcode boxes overlapping each other on the layout? What is the purpose if they are both the same?
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                Mike Duncan

                There are free barcode fonts available, perhaps an alternative to a plug in. It might require that you have the font installed on your system, but a plug in would require having the plug in installed as well.

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                  where do I get these barcode fonts? I installed the IDautomations plugin however you need to purchase the barcode font from them in order to see the barcode. If I were to download a font do you think it would work with ID automation's external functions?

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                    I have FMP 11 (not advanced), working on a Windows platform. so should I use 360works scriptmaster? If I use scriptmaster will I just need to copy and paste your functions on your article to my scriptmaster? And from there, will an external function will be made and work with my database??

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                      Mike Duncan

                      You can google for them, here's one: http://www.barcodesinc.com/free-barcode-font/


                      Using a font, all you do is install the font on your computer, and apply that font to a field.

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                        The is an extensive thread here


                        There are no easy answers, just ones that are rewarding later...




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                          I downloaded this font and dragged it into the Fonts folder (which is in the Filemaker11 folder). Then I closed and restarted FM but the font still isn't available in the dropdown text box. Did I put the font file in the wrong folder?

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                            You don't need to make it more complicated than it is. Import the custom functions that are in the demo database. Then when you want to generate a barcode, call only the custom function Code128.


                            Code 128 can act on variables or fields. Then the result is displayed in a field on a layout with the specific formatting of the barcode that I showed in my database. The combination of the custom function which creates the correct barcodes for each number or character with the visible field formatting is what creates the barcode on your layout.


                            No special fonts or plugins required. I prefer this method over a plugin, because it just works and requires no plugin updates or license fees. This method is not for everybody, but I've been using it for quite some times and generate vaccine vial barcodes which are easily readible by regular barcode scanners that understand code 128 barcodes.


                            The entire function could be expanded to include all the barcode types actually, but for me it isn't necessary. I just need what code 128 offers.


                            That's it.


                            Warmest regards,


                            Ron Smith, MD

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                              Mike Duncan

                              Fonts get installed at the OS level, not in the filemaker folder. Once you have the font installed in the OS, restart filemaker and it should be available in your files.


                              Ron, custom functions are fine, but they mentioned that the did not have advanced, just FMP 11, so manipulating custom function aren't going to be possible. I thought fonts were the easiest, and free-est (as requested) path.


                              Hope you got it working.



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                                Thanks Mike. I successfully installed the barcode font and I used it with the IDautomation plugin (only the functions were free) from idautomation.com

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                                  thanks jrenfrew but I came across that forum earlier.

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                                    Just came across this thread.


                                    ZeroBlue is the number one resource when it comes to Barcoding in the FileMaker community.


                                    We sell tiny barcode scanners, RFID readers and now Mag Swipe readers. We cater to Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as iOS devices. Check out our growing selection at store.zerobluetech.com. Feel free to chat us and ask questions.


                                    Also, we generally suggest using the IDAutomation font for code 39 or 128 unless someone has a specific requirement.


                                    We can help you get printers, and materials, too, labels, cards, etc. we don't sell those, as of yet. But we can directo you to places.


                                    Best regards,


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