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    How to with my portal?




      I have to tabels one with persons




      person Id


      Person name


      Date (global field)



      And an other on called appointments


      with fields


      Pers Id

      Appointment date



      Now I would like a portal in that shows me the records of the appointments bases on the date.


      I mannage to get the recods but the problem is the name how do I make the relation based on the date and based on the pers ID



      thank you



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          Stephen Huston

          You only need to match on the person_ID in each table to create a valid link between the persons and their apointments.


          What are you trying to accomplish with the global Date field?

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            Sorry I made the relation with person ID but I would like to see the data per date i mean I also like to make a link with the gobal date and the apointment date so I can see all the apointments for that specific date every thing shows but not the names

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              Stephen Huston

              Using the global date to FILTER the portal should accomplish what you need, without using it as part of the realtionship key fields.


              Portal filtering is handled in the portal setup dialog. You can use a clac to make child records visible IF the appointment date is >= the global date OR IF isEmpty ( global_date ). Then you can use it at will.