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Tips to simplify this script

Question asked by liza on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by liza

Hi, I'm making a POS with FMP 11. I have a Style table, an Item table (containing different sizes per style) a Location table (with the different stores), and an ItemLocation table, where I should see the inventory of each item per location.


I'm making a script where, from the Style table, I can create records of each item in each location. So basically this script gets the Item IDs per style, then gets the Location ID, then creates a record in ItemLocation table. I'm attaching the script steps below. I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest a way to simplify this script? Each style has around 10 items, and I currently have around 20+ locations. So it takes about a minute to run this script, which is a bit long, considering I currently have 300+ styles and we regularly add a lot of new styles. The script works well, just concerned about the performance. Or maybe is there a simple way to be able to just choose which locations I will add the styles to?