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    Help with an RMA


      I created an RMA and I need help with some of the finer points.

      In the RMA I record the customer’s purchase order amount.

      I would like to have a grand total of all returned purchase orders for each customer and a final tally for all returned purchase orders.

      I'm thinking this may be best in a report layout.


      When a product is returned, we issue a credit against the invoice, remake the product and reissue an invoice.

      None of this needs to be recorded in the RMA.

      We do not restock returned products, we recycle them.



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          If you include the amount of the refund and the ID for the Customer,  you should be able to do a Subsummary report showing the total amount returned by Customer with a grand total of all returns.  Add a Summary field for amount that is based on a sort by Customer ID.  Set up the layout and sort by the Customer ID.