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    Dragging Screeeeeeeen


      Filemaker just started doing this to me this morning. Help! Has anyone seen this and knows what to do to stop it - see attached.



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          Same problem on several computers since Mac OSX 10.7.4.


          Glitches everywhere when I scroll on a layout ... very annoying

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            Stephen Huston

            I would bet that this is happening while the screen is being viewed at 150% Zoom-level. Have seen it before, but only when Zoomed.


            FileMaker has some issues at 150%, especially when trying to figure out positioning for items which were at 133 pixels (any ODD number) or sized to un-Even pixel counts. Trying to figure out what size to make 11pt Verdana at 150% or an object that is 37x143pxls is a challenge for the OS rendering. When scrolling, the effort to constantly refresh preogressively is just too much....


            Switching to 100% zoom should clear it.


            If you need to view at larger sizes, a layout redesign is really the only way to completely avoid this cropping up.


            And it's not limited to 10.7; we've been seeing it appear at times since 10.5 on FM11.

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              This looks a little like the strange redraw issues that sometimes occur when scrolling in list view (Mac OS 10.6.8), unmagnified.

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                I have seen this a LOT.  Way too much for my taste.  Not just in Lion but in previous editions of the Mac OS too.  I was not able to detect what causes it, but from reading this post, I will watch more closely to see if it only happens in list view and only at 150% magnification.  Needless to say, I use them both a lot.

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                  Same issue Here, mac latest FMP11v4, Lion 10.7.4


                  Problem everytime in list view if 75/150 percent


                  100/200/400% works


                  both in layout mode or in browse mode !



                  This is a bug !