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    FileMaker 12 and New Windows


      Has anyone experienced problems with new windows in FileMaker 12?


      I have converted a FM11 file and am working on some new functionality. However there have been a number of times when a newly written script calls for a new window and then FileMaker freezes. On opening the Script Debugger the script is stuck on 'New Window' you cannot do anything except halt the script. Once you have done this FileMaker becomes unresponsive and needs a Force Quit.


      I have also found that if you do have a second window open and is in Pause state, if the user clicks the close button, the window remains open (as expected) but you cannot resume the script and cannot click on anything else.


      I have set the FM Cache Preferences to 256Mb and that has improved things slightly. I have also used the Advanced setting on the new window to remove the options to close, adjust etc the new window, again some improvements have been noticed.


      I am running FileMaker Adv 12 on a i5 Intel Quad-Core, iMac with 4Gb Ram with OS X 10.7.3



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          Stephen Huston

          Are you creating the new-style Modal windows when this happens?


          Modal windows require user interaction to dismiss them, and, failing to receive that interaction or a script step which closes them, usually hang the system until you force quit.

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            Hi Stephen


            Thanks for your reply. I have seen the option to use the Modal Windows but have not chosen to use them yet. I have purely been using the normal Document Windows. These seem to be the default and when I converted the system any other scripts using the New Window script step had used these Document Windows.


            It is strange as it doesnt happen everytime. I have also had issues where the right-click menu stops working. You have to select the object then use the Format Menu option.


            Hopefully there will be an update released in the near future.





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              Stephen Huston

              I've noticed that many New Window script steps get left without any specific settings as to window name, size, or positioning. If you fill all of that info in rather than leaving it empty, does that have any effect on the script running?

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                My problem sounds similar (also posted it on the forum).


                A converted FM11 to FM12 database.

                Opening up new windows (sometimes / frequently) freezes FM.


                I’ve also tried several options but the problem still exists.


                Also running it on an iMac with the latest Mac OS X and 8 GB RAM.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  This is coming up in several threads on this forum, and was today brought to FMI tech liason Dave Simerly's attention as an issue affecting numerous users.