FileMaker 12 and New Windows

Discussion created by mpomathews on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Has anyone experienced problems with new windows in FileMaker 12?


I have converted a FM11 file and am working on some new functionality. However there have been a number of times when a newly written script calls for a new window and then FileMaker freezes. On opening the Script Debugger the script is stuck on 'New Window' you cannot do anything except halt the script. Once you have done this FileMaker becomes unresponsive and needs a Force Quit.


I have also found that if you do have a second window open and is in Pause state, if the user clicks the close button, the window remains open (as expected) but you cannot resume the script and cannot click on anything else.


I have set the FM Cache Preferences to 256Mb and that has improved things slightly. I have also used the Advanced setting on the new window to remove the options to close, adjust etc the new window, again some improvements have been noticed.


I am running FileMaker Adv 12 on a i5 Intel Quad-Core, iMac with 4Gb Ram with OS X 10.7.3