Deleting Container Data

Discussion created by slemson on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 12, 2012 by Vaughan

I have two questions about FMPro 12's new container functionality.


1) I noticed that when I delete a record, the external data stored for that record in the container field is not deleted. Is this changeable? It seems like it will leave quite a bit of data on my external storage device that is orphaned. How are others handling this?


2) I also noted that even though I go remove the file manually, the next time I drag it in to that record, it increments a number after it - even though it's the only one in there. For example, I drag a file called: sample_data.xml into it. It shows up externally. I delete the record, then go to the storage and remove the file (would prefer not to have to do this). If I drag that same file into a new record, an external file called "sample_data_2.xml" shows up. Is there a way to control this?