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    Can Filemaker 8.0 run on Window 7


      I am needing to upgrade computers at our office, and am on a tight budget. I don't have the money to by all new copies of FMP 12. We are currently running Filemaker 8.0 on our client computers that have MS XP OS. Are there problems with running FMP 8.0 on Window 7.

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          I have No problem, FMP 8 run on Windows 7 64bits.

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            It will probably work but it's unsupported so if you run into any gltiches you're on your own.

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              Stephen Huston

              Keep in mind that Windows 7 was released after FMv10 was already out, so anything prior to FM11 is essentially untested for compatability in that Win7 wasn't available for compatiability testing when pre-11 versions of FM were released.


              Older FM versions using the fp7 file format are generally reported to work on Win7, but there were occassional reports of glitches. I suspect some of these may have been fixed with Win7 patches, but wouldn't have been addressed in FM updates for the older versions.


              The version of FM Server you are  running, and on what OS version of a server machine may be important to maintaining compatibility with the clients. If you have a mix, be sure the FM Server  version is fully compatitible with the latest client version of FMP you are using.


              And keep in mind that some script steps, functions, and features disappear for users of older versions. So you have to be cautious when developing in FM11 for use on 10 and earlier.

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                Thanks for the info everyone.  Stephen on our server we are running FM server 8 now.  I know if we have to get FMP 12 on all the computers we will have to use FM server 12 also.

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                  Just get the downgrade to 11 when you buy 12 and then you don't have to convert and you can run Server 11 with 8 clients if you have to and then upgrade to 12 when you feel like it but I would upgrade everyone to 11 if you can. This is what I plan to do with all my clients on the .fp7 plaform who are not on 11 yet.  8 is no longer supported by FileMaker AT ALL so thes sooner you get on a supported version the better especailly if you going to be running win 7. If you get an AVLA the cost is really low.

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                    Great idea, I think I will try upgrading all the clients & server to 11 if I can get my budget approved. 


                    By the way what do you mean "AVLA"?

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                      We have 164 users in Filemaker 8 on Win 7 enterprise.

                      The server is Filemaker Server Advanced V11.

                      We use Filemaker V11 Advanced as a development platform.

                      It is working very well, just take care of the features not in FM8 when you develop.


                      We won't upgrade them to V12, it's too expensive.

                      We will use a mix of V8 and web access users.

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                        An AVLA is an Annual Volume License Agreement and is far less than a standard Volume License Agreement but you have to pay every year which you don't with a standard agreement but if you are on a budget it's definitely the way to go. You can look at the cost online here: https://store.filemaker.com/US/ENG/LIC#close