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    problem with file path in Export Records script step


      I am trying to use the Export Records script step. The FM11 Help reference states: "For FileMaker Pro, if an absolute path is not specified in a script that will be executed from FileMaker Pro, the path is assumed to be relative to the location of the database file from which the script was run. For example, if a script containing the Export Records script step is run with the pathname file:/export.tab, and the file running the script is /MyFiles/Library/Books.fp7, the exported file will be created as /MyFiles/Library/export.tab."


      If I try to use a relative path like file:/export.tab I get an error message: "export.tab" could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk.


      How do I enter a valid file path for Export Records, running Windows7. Thanks.