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Filtering values for populating a join table - An easier way?

Question asked by DaleLong on May 11, 2012



I recently read some posts about populating a join table. For the most part I see people using some fairly simple techniques utilizing portal/relationship mechanics, stacking the name field over the key field, etc. This is all well and good, but I'd like to expound on this classic problem...I have a similar scenario, except that the tables around the join will often have thousands of values if not filtered. The only way I've ever found around this is to make a popup window that uses global fields as filters, a separate TO for producing the filtering versus running the actual relationship, followed by building in a ton of scripting to control all the actions of row selection/key field population. I can't seem to get any sort of simple filtering to work through a join. There are a lot of join tables in our solution (or rather, will be in our solution as development continues). I have to confess I'm not the best at writing portable scripting code (FileMaker development is my secondary job), and I don't really like the idea of having to rewrite another longwinded script to control for each join scenario. I was wondering if anybody has a solution to this problem that can use basic portal/relationship mechanics while applying some filters, or if they know an example of a good, portable join populating script example that I might get some ideas from. There are often a bunch of subconditions that need to be controlled for in the various joins, but if I had something to get some ideas from it might help improve my ability to adapt the concept to my needs.


Thanks for your time!