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How do I get a table that is defined by another table and data to update?

Question asked by glhein on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by mikebeargie

I have a table, PDS, that contains position and size data for a rock art panel. I created a secondary table, MacGPSPro, that is used as waypoint input to a GIS program. Every field including the relationship field, TABLINK, comes from the PDS table. I created a layout to print the MacGPSPro table. There are no data in this table. I added a new record to the PDS table which would create a new TABLINK for the new record. MacGPSPro table did not update.


I thought it would be a simple task to get some fields from an existing table into a new one containg a few fields of constants. This nice part is that FMP will output a Tab-separated Text file which is what I need.


I did create a layout and used text for the constants. It seemed to work but output to Excel no longer works.


Anyone have any good ideas?