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    YIKES! Big Time Problem


      Cleaned out my desktop during a phone call.


      YES, I trashed a file. It's got a lot of work in it.


      YES, I was able to recover the files from "deletion."


      YES, the file is corrupt, and won't respond to "Open," or "Recover."


      YES, I'm stupid.


      Any other ideas?

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          Hi David,


          In addition to saving your 'saved' file, save the original.  It may be easier for them to recover using their methods if it file hasn't already been altered.  I wish you well with the recovery process.

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            Allow a piece of alliteration here, so there's no misunderstanding. One File, No backup - No FMDIFF tricks are gonna help. Thanks anyway.

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              A couple thoughts...first - find something that u can punch really hard with minimal impact to ur fist.

              Second, repeat the phrase that little demonic prince was chanting in raiders of the lost ark 2...."ohhhNumShiva" for a few hours.


              Then ---

              In terms of the salvage job....either ship the drive to a lab for restoration if ur willing to cough up 1500-2500.  U can calculate the economics of ur time and the material in the file and decide worth.

              If u r going to do this, stop touching the drive in any way shape or form.  I've gotten full recovery on important losses 2, maybe three times now.


              If no, I wld switch gears into salvage mode and try creating a Noah's ark solution (new db file to port salvage material onto). Ping the various ways to import data (records, scripts, tables, etc).  U cld try adding tables from the broken session as external data sources.  It may be that parts (or all) of ur data r fine while other parts of the functional solution are not.  On that note , depending on what success u have with imports, right click on the file (if Mac) and dive into the guts of the solution and see if u can pull some of the data files out and swap them with their counterpart in a newly created solution. 


              In any event , sorry to hear ... I know how u feel.

              Good luck.  Hope some of these ideas help.  Hit me up of u need a copy of raiders !


              Best, Steve

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                How can you know? I haven't seen your file jet!

                Please read <http://fmdiff.com/repairs>.

                If you don't have a backup, you certainly lose your Access Privileges.

                If you don't send me the original undeleted file you lose everything for sure.



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                  One File, No backup, NO "undamaged" to check against. There is NO undeleted file.

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                    I don't get it, David. 


                    What would you want us to suggest that DIDN'T include trying to work with the ONLY exiting copy of the file - your undeleted version?   I know that Winfried works miracles with damaged files and if you thought we could just close our eyes and wish it better, it might be a long wait.   I suggested that you take that file (and not one you have been trying to repair further) and let someone with extensive file-architecture knowledge take a look.  If you are determined that nothing can possibly be done with it, why post at all for assistance?


                    We are all only trying to help.  We have all been in similar positions and what you are going through is major PIB.  Winfried's last post sums it up the best. 

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                      This is not a make-or-break issue. Lots of hours, but nothing that can't be re-created. Hence, my first post with a somewhat humorous bent.


                      FMDIFF requires a working copy of the database to compare against the damaged database.


                      THERE IS NO "WORKING" copy of the database in question. I have obviously not made this clear. Had I made it clear. Winfried, who is a great guy, with a great product, wouldn't have bothered to suggest his product in this case, and you wouldn't be upset with me for not being clear enough in my description of the problem.


                      There is one file. Never backed up. Never copied. One file. This one file got put in the trash on MAC OSX10.7.3, and the trash was emptied. OOOOps (as Rick Perry might say).


                      Rescued by TechToolPro, with a complete loss of access privileges, and the file, when an attempt is made to open shows this:


                      The access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with.

                      Please contact FileMaker Technical Support if the problem cannot be resolved.


                      So, as a completely interesting quaestion (I thought) given that this is probably not the least common problem, is the user entirely "hosed," or is there some manner to get to the text-based information in the database.


                      If the issue isn't clear enough yet, please let me know.

                      Thanks, all

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                        Sorry if I were unclear so you could misunderstand. There are many different ways a file can be damaged. One of those is that just the Access Privileges have been damaged - which best can be solved if you have an undamaged earlier version - but other cases require other measures. This has nothing to do with FMDiff except that I as the author of FMDiff could possibly repair the file.


                        Send me the file that TechToolPro furnished as a zip version - don't try to open or recover it yourself.

                        I'll let you know whether it can be salvaged.