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FileMaker Server 12 Advanced On Lion Server 10.7.4 : How To Set Up OS To Carry Out Custom (PHP) Publishing Test

Question asked by cheeyean on May 14, 2012

Dear Fellow FileMaker Developers,


I am new to FileMaker 12 and in the process of setting a test environment involving Lion Server (HTTPS web server role) before planning a migration from FileMaker 11.


Installation of FMSA has been relatively trouble free, by electing to use a self-signed SSL certificate generated by OSXS and choosing FileMaker's own PHP module, my problem and question concerns :


1) How to configure's Web module to execute FileMaker's PHP Custom Web Publishing Test Page ?

2) Would this configuration to set up a working custom web publishing test page similarly apply to an actual production environment. ie. where would the working PHP files be located ?

3) Would the above setup coexist seamlessly with IWP whose test page works under HTTPS ?


If there're already a write ups or discussions on the above, I'll be more than happy to be referred to these resources.




Chee Yean CHAN


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